Just wanted to quickly report my experience with Everdry Waterproofing. I see a lot of negative complaints on here, and I understand that. I know everyone has a differing experience depending on their situation, I mean, I guess that's what you deal with in an industry like home waterproofing. Overall, I had a good experience with Everdry. Had some leaks, but they seemed to have worked themselves out and on the average rainstorm my basement is dry, and that's why I had it done.

I would however like to make a few points, maybe to help better their service in the future. One, the prices were a bit high. I understand the times are changing, but maybe you could offer more coupons? Two, the guys left is a bit dusty while they were working. The end of job cleanup was great, but I was having some dust issues while they were working- maybe try to keep it clean a little better. And finally, no one told me about any battery powered backup pump until my main sump pump went out. Had they told me about it off the bat, I would've had them install it while they were doing the initial work! Luckily, I hadn't moved many of my things back into the basement, so it wasn't a huge disappointment.

It's been some time since the installation, and like I said, I'm pleased overall. Apart from my few minor complaints, service was fair and prompt, and I feel like I got the full value for what I paid for. My basement is dry, and I have one less thing to worry about.

Find out for yourself- you can always have them look at your basement for free. Shop around, do your research, whatever you decide- having your basement dry and healthy is worth the investment. Good luck.

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